This week’s highlights include a radical raspberry fruit sour ale from Southsea, award-winning cheeses from an Dorset, and a special coffee and an equally special delivery service right here in Southampton.

Produce News

Good Morning! What a warm week we’ve had so far and while cloudy, temperatures today haven’t dropped much! While this is a little uncomfortable for some, it’s undeniable that some of our fresh produce absolutely loves these warm, wet conditions. Coming in this week we’ve got more lettuces from One Acre Veg in Titchfield and we’ve fresh spinach, chard and mixed salad from Aldermoor Community Farm – grown right here in the heart of Southampton!

SOUROPOD – Raspberry, Pink Peppercorn & Himalayan Rock Salt

Somehow more raspberry than raspberry, the latest in our growing herd of Souropods is a bouquet of summer fruit. This is a stunning fruit sour with candyfloss coloured head that packs all the raspberry. A bold, elegantly seasoned fruit sour that is the absolute antithesis to all those hoppy, session pale ales.

Book & Bucket Cheese Company

The Book and Bucket Cheese Company hand make award winning artisan cheese in the heart of Dorset from sheep and now cow’s milk. All their milk is sourced locally, collected within 24hrs of being milked and is made into cheese that day! 

Now we’re truly into BBQ season, I thought I’d mention a couple of their offerings that that we find go particularly well as part of a BBQ! Smokey Burns is an incredible, smoked halloumi style cheese,  with incredible texture and depth of flavour! Also available unsmoked, as Burns!

Both Austen and Hemingway are lovely salad cheeses, with Hemingway’s flavour and colouring being truly unique. But Wilde has been our favourite new cheese this year – rammed full of locally foraged wild garlic and blackthorn salt, this soft, crumbly cheese is delightful – only available for a limited time each year! 

Love Local

We absolutely love local – that’s why we’re here! That’s also one of the reasons we’ve been working with SO Roast since the very beginning –  The fact they make truly delightful coffee also helps… Currently roasting weekly out at Botley Mills we’ve been stocking and enjoying their Special Blend for over 5 years now! 

We also love working with Zedify Southampton, who deliver all our veg boxes across the city with a fleet of cargo bikes and an electric van. Zedify also deliver all of SO Roast’s local coffee drops – now that’s local!