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  • Vegan Cheese

    Blue English Style Sheese 200g

    The Blue English Style comes in a wedge shaped block, with a tangy flavour, but unlike Blue French style, it has perhaps a slightly creamier flavour, with the distinctive somewhat aromatic and “mushroomy” blue cheese notes that this flavour is …

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  • Butter and Margarine , Vegan Cheese

    Pure Olive Spread 500g

    Rich in olive oil goodness, delicious spread on fresh ciabatta or melted on piping hot potatoes.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Smoked German Style Sheese 200g

    Our vegan and kosher Smoked German style is made with Coconut Oil, and has a wonderful flavour that comes from being naturally smoked with hickory and oak, to give a really authentic taste that you are simply going to love.

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    Vegan Cheese

    Camembert Style

    Inspired by classic styles of cheese, an authentic taste is achieved by combining the highest quality organic nuts with traditional cheese-making cultures and processes. Camembert style is cashew based with an authentic rind and soft, creamy centre.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Sheese Mild Cheddar Style 200g

    The vegan and kosher Mild Cheddar style Sheese is made with coconut oil and is so easy to use in any kind of recipe that you can clearly go wild with the Mild.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Spreadable Vegan Butter

    Naturli Vegan Spreadable is an Organic vegan alternative to spreadable butter. It contains no palm oil.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Vegan Applewood Smoked Block

    Vegan Applewood smoky cheese alternative. A soya, gluten and dairy free alternative to the nations favourite smoked cheddar,melts well for on pizzas or jacket potatoes and also great eaten on its own.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Vegan Butter Block

    Naturli Vegan Block is an Organic vegan alternative to block butter. It contains no palm oil.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Vegan Pizza Topping 200g

    The must-have vegan pizza topping! From Greek cheesemaker Kolios, comes this tasty shredded cheese alternative to enjoy in your vegan pizzas.. Made with with coconut oil, it has a soft and silky texture and a delicate taste. Suitable for vegans, …

  • Vegan Cheese

    Vegan Sliced Cheese 200g

    Slices of vegan cheese alternative.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Violife Cheddar Block 400g

    A traditional flavour that all the family will enjoy!  Try it with macaroni, sprinkled on pasta, grated on a baked potato or simply on its own. It’s versatile and delicious.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Violife Epic Mature Cheddar 200g

    Perfect to eat straight from the pack, our new EPIC MATURE Cheddar flavour block is our best block ever – deliciously crumbly, with protein and vitamin B12. Truly Epic!

  • Vegan Cheese

    Violife Mozzarella Block 400g

    Prepare yourself for a mouthwatering journey through our authentic Italian mozzarella flavour! Violife mozzarella flavour gives a mild & buttery taste and it can perfectly complement your Napolitano pizzas as well as your belissimo insalata caprese.

  • Vegan Cheese

    Violife Prosociano 150g

    For those who want a unique savoury authenticity on their pasta or crackers, now you can have the flavour without the dairy or gluten. Delizioso!