Large Fruit & Veg Box


Our original Bitterne Box, tailored for larger families. Perfect for families who like cooking fresh meals from scratch!

This weeks content are listed below, please list any swap requests in the box provided. Feel free to suggest replacements for products you’d like removed – we can’t guarantee any specific swaps, but we’ll do our best!

NB. This box is for delivery  23rd-25th August, we are not currently taking advance orders, but you can set up a recurring subscription. 

Orders MUST be placed before 6pm Sundays. We are not able to take orders after this point.

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This weeks £25 Mixed Fruit and Veg Box will contain:

1.5kg New Season Scraper Potatoes – UK

750g Carrots – UK

2 English Onions – UK

1 Red Onion – UK

1 Local Lollo Rosso or Oakleaf Lettuce – New Forest

1 Bunch of Local Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Hampshire

1 Butternut Squash – Spain

1 Vine of Cherry Tomatoes – UK

1 Bunch of Leeks (Aprox 500g) – UK

1 Bunch of Celery – UK

5 English Apples – UK

5 Satsumas (Nadorcotts) – Morocco/Peru

5 Bananas – Costa Rica

2 Large Orange – Spain

1 Bag of English Plums (aprox 350g) – UK

1 Large Punnet of Local Strawberries – New Forest


Last weeks £25 Mixed Fruit and Veg Box contained:

2kg Washed Red Potatoes – UK (New Season!)

750g Carrots – UK (New Season!)

2 English Onions – UK (New Season!)

2 Red Onions – Netherlands/Egypt/UK

1 Bulb of Garlic – Spain

1 Large Sweet Potato – Honduras

1 Vine of Tomatoes – UK/Netherlands

1 Local Courgette – Hampshire

1 Bag of Baby Spinach – UK

1 Aubergine – UK/Netherlands

1 Bunch of Local Kale or Cavolo Nero – New Forest

2 Large Flat Mushroom – Netherlands/Poland

5 English Apples – UK (New Season!)

5 Satsumas (Nadorcotts) – Peru/Morocco

5 Bananas – Costa Rica

4 Conference Pears – Belgium

4 Flat Peaches – Spain

1 Punnet of Blueberries – UK