IOW Cherry Vine Tomatoes 250g

£2.25 available on subscription

Fresh from the Isle of Wight Tomato Farm – for the short period they are unable to grow on the Island they will come from the Tomato Stalls own farms, growing the same varieties, in Spain.

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These tomatoes have been grown in the rich and fertile Arreton Valley, nestled in the heart of the Isle of Wight, for over 30 years. The sheltered conditions in the valley make it the perfect environment for growing tomatoes. Add to this the above average sunshine levels on the Isle of Wight and you have the perfect recipe for great tasting fruit. Over 10 years ago here at The Tomato Stall we recognised that through growing best possible tomato varieties we could deliver exceptionally flavoured fruit. We pick our tomatoes at their peak of ripeness thereby allowing the fruit to develop as much great taste as possible.

Isle of Wight Cherry Vine Tomatoes are unbeatable on flavour and ideal for any tomato dish. Perfect for roasting, salads, garnish or simply snacking on their own.