Winchester Dry Gin 70cl


Our Winchester Dry Gin, launched on world gin day 2017 at the great hall in Winchester, is our tribute to our home city and was inspired by King Arthur’s round table hanging in the hall.



STYLE Dry Gin ABV 44% VOL 70cl

It uses 25 botanicals commonly used in food and medicine in the medieval period; one for each Knight seated at the table with King Arthur himself on the throne at the head of the table represented by Juniper.

Rich and complex, this is a unique gin with great depth of flavour and subtle herbal nuances from the wide list of (secret) botanicals.

For a deliciously rich G&T try mixing with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic and garnish with sprigs of Rosemary & Thyme and wheel of lemon.

Gin Magazine Opinion (Score: 91%)

Nose: A fantastic nose that bursts forth from the glass with notes of chamomile and honeysuckle with honey and a gentle, sweet spice.
Palate: A complex gin with a lovely interplay of all of the ingredients. There are floral hay notes, along with cinnamon and nutmeg, followed by citrus.
Finish: Crunchy vegetal notes – green and fresh – that work well with lingering notes of juniper.
Comments: A lovely all-rounder with an excellent character and a “something for everyone” approach.