The Earl Grey 30 Bag Tube (Refillable)


A classic blend of finest estate Ceylon Tea, natural bergamot oil and captivating cornflower

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What’s in the bag?: Black tea, Natural Bergamot Oil, Cornflower
Origin: Sri Lanka ( Nuwara Eliya)
Preparation: Use 1 bag per person, add boiling water and leave for upto 5 minutes. Perfect with or without milk


At the New Forest Tea Company we love trees as much as we love teas that is why all our packaging is home compostable. The tea tubes can also be re-used as tea storage and you can simply order the refill option at checkout. If you decide to get rid of a tube via compost just remove the outer label and let nature do the rest on the compost. The inner packaging is made of natureflex which will also compost in home conditions. Our tea bags are made from cornstarch so once you have finished one just pop it on the compost and leave no trace.