Smoked German Style Sheese 200g


Our vegan and kosher Smoked German style is made with Coconut Oil, and has a wonderful flavour that comes from being naturally smoked with hickory and oak, to give a really authentic taste that you are simply going to love.



Smoked German style Sheese is a rich creamy tasting Sheese, which is ideal for calzones (stuffed pizzas), potato bakes, bagels, or in wraps and salads, giving your food that hint of smoked ham – so popular in many countries’ cuisine – but without ever harming a single adorable pig.

It’ll give character and variety to your Sheese boards and delight your senses with its smoky aroma. Try a slice on your vegan burger, or grate some over a bowl of a warm creamy soup before serving. And if you like salsa (the spread, not the dance), add some in your favourite recipes because those two complement each other so well when you’re looking to spice up a Sheese flan or pie!

As with all our other Sheeses, be sure to check out our vegan recipes page to see how they can be put into action!


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