Red Split Lentils 3kg


  • Red lentils are rich in protein and fibre and are extremely versatile meaning they can be used in a number of ways for added nutrients to a recipe.


Red Split Lentils

Nutrition Information

Energy 1449.00 kJ per 100g Fat 1.30 g per 100g
Energy 346.32 kcal per 100g ... of which saturates 0.20 g per 100g
Protein 23.80 g per 100g ...... monounsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
Carbohydrates 56.30 g per 100g ...... polyunsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
... of which sugars 2.40 g per 100g Fibre 4.90 g per 100g
Salt 0.10 g per 100g