Citrus Ginger Organic Conditioner


Give your hair a treat with our Citrus Ginger Organic Conditioner…Made with extracts of organic chamomile, comfrey, aloe vera and jojoba, this spicy-smelling cream will renew and maintain your hair’s natural shine.


210ml flip top cap. Recycled and recyclable container.

What’s in our Citrus Ginger Conditioner? Totally Natural ingredients such as organic chamomile, comfrey, aloe vera and jojoba. These, combined together, soften and coat each individual hair with a thin protective layer. Because our conditioner does not contain olive or coconut oil, it shouldn’t weigh your hair down. Instead, your hair will look shiny and feel soft and bouncy.

What about citrus ginger? According to healthy living experts at CureJoy, ”ginger is one multi-purpose powerhouse: loaded with antioxidants, it’s also a potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. The juice, flesh, and even oil of ginger have been used in numerous home remedies and natural treatments for hair care. It can stimulate blood flow to the scalp, cleanse your hair, and even help you get rid of dandruff”. The full article is here:

We don’t use SLS in our products, why?

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) are cheap chemicals that are frequently used to degrease car engines. They are also found in the vast majority of domestic and commercial cleaning products. SLS act as a foaming agent, which give you the illusion of ‘removing dirt’.  But in the same way as SLS remove grime in your bathroom or kitchen, they also strip the naturally-occurring, protective oils on your skin.

Curious about how hair conditioner works? We’ve enjoyed these two articles and hope you will too! and 


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