Mystic Mayday IPA – HOP CREEP


Showcasing the UK’s Mystic and America’s Eureka hops, we have also incorporated Rye into the grist which gives it a silky mouth feel. With flavours of mango, apricot and vanilla, at 6.1% it has a real bite to it, yet is refreshing and easy drinking.

N.B This beer is suffering from Hop Creep, hence the price. More details below.

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STYLE Indian pale ale ABV 6.1% VOL 500ml bottle

Dark gold in colour, Mystic Mayday has an initial fruity explosion followed by a subtle hint of peppery spice.

suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

N.B. Hop Creep – this beer has developed ‘hop creep’ due to the high amounts of dry hopping and the fact that all Red Cat beer is unfiltered. This means the beer may be a little more carbonated than expected.
“At its core, hop creep is continued fermentation in the bottle or keg after the finished beer has been packaged for distribution. Symptoms include over carbonation of bottles and kegs & over-attenuation of packaged beer. It can occur in any unpasteurized or unfiltered packaged beer.”


IBU (estimated) 23 Malt Lager Malt, Rye, Roasted Barley, Medium Crystal Hops
Warrior, Mystic, Eureka, Simcoe
Yeast Red Cat regular house yeast, US05 variant. Contains: Barley, Rye