Lyburn Gold


It is ripened for about 8- 12 weeks, and has a creamy smooth texture with very small holes, eyes, to be seen evenly distributed throughout. In terms of a make, it is a washed curd cheese, more continental, closer to a Gouda, but not typical. Technically it is a hard cheese because it has been pressed, it is generally described as semi-hard because at 10 weeks it still has some movement in it, great for melting.

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Created on Lyburn Farm, Salisbury, England, from the farms own herd of Holstein X Fresian cows. Due to the native Fresian bred cows, and a carefully balanced measure of natural ingredients in their diet, the cows milk is rich in fats and proteins. This, coupled with the regulated temperature and humidity of the cheese rooms and vats, helps to produce the cheese’s flavoursome qualities.

The cheese is one of a variety of hand-made cheeses made on the farm by a staff of only five people, headed up by Paul Thomas, producing over one tonne of cheese each week!

This Lyburn cheese is similar to continental style cheeses, with tiny holes (“eyes”) throughout the cheese. Although technically a hard cheese as it is pressed, the Lyburn Gold is sold at three months maturation, and still has some movement, so represents a more characteristic semi-hard cheese.

The cheese is curd washed in brine, akin to Gouda, and is lovingly finished by turning, coating and brushing sealing agent over the rind, before being left to rest during maturation.

Lyburn Gold cheese has received numerous awards over the years including a Gold award at the 2014 British Cheese Awards.

Tasting Notes
Lyburn Gold is a smooth, creamy cheese. Sweet and young, the cheese still has a little bounce in it at three months, and is fairly soft, whilst retaining a real depth of flavour. The texture is also really smooth.

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Made from pasteurized cow's milk