Linguine 500g


The name linguine means “little tongues” in Italian, where it is a plural of the feminine linguina.


10″ in length, Is a form of pasta like fettuccine but elliptical in section rather than flat. It is about 4 mm in width, which is wider than spaghe tti but not as wide as fettuccine.


Durum WHEAT Semolina

Nutrition Information

Energy 1501.00 kJ per 100g Fat 1.30 g per 100g
Energy 358.75 kcal per 100g ... of which saturates 0.30 g per 100g
Protein 11.00 g per 100g ...... monounsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
Carbohydrates 73.20 g per 100g ...... polyunsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
... of which sugars 3.20 g per 100g Fibre 2.70 g per 100g
Salt 0.01 g per 100g