Latte Coffee + Oat M*lk


We did the work for you, but if you want to go all barista with the steam wand and whip up a warm late or hit on a new caffeinated cocktail, then go wild.



Bring the coffee shop home with our Latte by the litre. Brewing seasonal, single origin coffee with our barista standard Oat M*lk, our 1L Latte is clean, creamy and dairy-free.

It’s long lasting, so can stock up your supplies or fill up your glass whenever you want it; we like ours chilled on ice.

No dairy. No added sugar.


Cold brew coffee(filtered water, arabica, coffee), oat drink (water, oat, sunflower oil, acidity regulator (potassium carbonate), sea salt).

Nutrition Information

Serving Size 200ml Energy: 347 KCal Protein 1.1g Total Fat 3.3g Saturated Fat 0.2g Carbohydrates 22g Sugars 10g* Sodium 197mg *Contains naturally occurring sugars