Hand Exfoliant for Good Cooks and Gardeners


Great Hand Exfoliant for all Cooks & Gardeners! Use to rid your hands of dry skin and residue without damaging the epidermis. Packed with local ingredients (New Forest honey, Hampshire Lavender, Peppermint Essential Oil) this natural scrub will smooth away rough skin and residue without aggression. Remember what baby skin feels like?


So how does it work? Our hand exfoliant for Good Cooks & Gardeners works thanks to a combination of sugar, honey and essential oils. These tiny particles remove dead cells and residue, then draw moisture into the skin and bind it. That’s why it will feel so soft.

Are cane sugar and honey good for the skin? Both ingredients are traditionally used as health remedies and drinks, but did you know they are also powerful on the skin? Here’s an informative article you might enjoy as much as we did:


What else is in the Hand Exfoliant? Ingredients include New Forest honey, organic cane sugar, Hampshire rapeseed oil and Hampshire lavender, Hampshire Peppermint & English Rosemary organic essential oils.

What does it feel like? Its consistency is like sand, just a bit thicker – but not as thick and coarse as a bath salt. You only need a small amount (like a pinch of salt) to rub between your hands, then rinse off. It works best if your hands are slightly wet to begin with.

Once your hands are free from residue and dry, you may want to apply our Hand Balm to lock the moisture in and protect the skin for longer. That’s in a tin too! Check it out: https://madeinheresouthampton.com/product/hand-balm/

Why is our exfoliant in a tin? We like to package our products with sustainability in mind, that’s why we use metal tins. You too can help us do our bit for the environment! The fun is to find new uses for the tins once they’re empty and have been washed. So get creative with upcycling!


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