Guinea Run Quirky Rum


Peppercorn, Ginger, Pineapple and Coffee Beans

In honour of the smuggler, our liquid gold is spiced with peppercorn, ginger, coffee beans and an essence of pineapple to take you to the salty days of the Guinea Run.



Thomas Johnstone was a sailor, smuggler and admiralty saboteur who fought in the Napoleonic Wars as a Privateer. Johnstone also took up the ‘Guinea Run’ – smuggling gold from England to France to pay for Napoleon’s mercenaries.

Tasting Notes & Pairing Suggestions by @diaryofarumdrinker

Appearance Light and Golden
Nose Sweet caramel is the first scent in this rum, followed by tropical fruits with a kick of spice to finish.
Taste sipping neat Initial bitterness is much less than previous samples of this rum. The edge has gone to leave it more of a rum bite. There are distinct fruity flavours of pineapple and banana coming through before the caramel taste comes through. The finish leaves you with a peppery bite that is warming with hints of brown sugar which lingers at the end to leave a slightly sweeter taste on the taste buds.
Length Long flavour that has a complexity of layers.


  • Ginger ale – this takes away the sharpness, with the tropical flavours complimenting the ginger nicely, for a blend of sweet and spicy. 
  • Diet Coke – the caramel flavour brings out more of the brown sugar, toning down the fruity flavours.


A nice, complex, spiced rum full of flavours that will suit different taste preferences. Mixes well, for those who prefer to. A very fruity, tropical drink.