Garlic Puree

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A concentrated garlic puree paste that can be used to add intense richness to savoury dishes. One full teaspoon is equivalent to 2-3 cloves of garlic. This incredibly versatile ingredient is perfect for making your garlic breads, casseroles and sauces. Ideal for fast paced kitchens.

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Garlic, Acidity regulator (Citric Acid)

Nutrition Information

Energy 340.00 kJ per 100g Fat 0.10 g per 100g
Energy 81.26 kcal per 100g ... of which saturates 0.10 g per 100g
Protein 3.20 g per 100g ...... monounsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
Carbohydrates 14.20 g per 100g ...... polyunsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
... of which sugars 0.50 g per 100g Fibre 1.80 g per 100g
Salt 0.00 g per 100g