Lip Balm Duos


Lip Balm Duos with 100% natural ingredients, including New Forest Beeswax, English crambe seed oil, organic lemon essential oil and organic shea butter.

Each duo includes 2 x 5ml lip balms.

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Essential Oil combinations include: Lemon Zest | Lime Bite | Orange Tang.

For a neutral aroma, opt for the Original.

What is an Essential Oil lip balm? With 100% natural ingredients, our lip balms are gently fragranced with organic essential oils. These don’t just add a hint of aroma. Essential oils also have inherent properties – with our lip balms they help repair, relax and heal the delicate skin of our lips.

Why are these in a tin? Choose our sustainably packaged lip balms (in screw top metal tins), and do your bit for the environment! When it’s empty, you can wash your tins and get creative with upcycling: use them to store pills when you travel, to take olive oil or salt on picnics, to store buttons or paper clips…the list is endless.

What’s in our Essential Oil lip balms? Quite simply: New Forest Beeswax, Crambe Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter. No parabens, no synthetic fragrances, no animal testing. If you want the list in Latin, drop us a line and we’ll happily share this with you.
Which one should I choose? This is really down to a matter of personal preference (do you prefer oranges, grapefruits or lemons?). The essential oils we use are all organic and really will ‘work’ on your lips, so pick the aroma you like best: Orange Tang, Lime Bite or Lemon Zest. If you really can’t, have them all! Or opt for our Original lip balm for a completely neutral feel.

How do they work? With 100% natural ingredients (including New Forest beeswax, English crambe seed oil and shea butter), these nurturing balms work together to soothe and repair your lips. Better yet, these are gently scented with organic essential oils and uplift your mood as well as your lips.
This is what aromatherapy experts tell us about essential oils:
‘Sweet or wild orange is good for speeding healing of cracks and sores on the lips. Melissa essential oil (Melissa officinalis) is also called lemon balm. This is a great essential oil to add to lip balms for some fresh, lemony fragrance without the risk of photosensitization. Melissa is excellent for use on cold sores as well as chapped, cracked, inflamed, painful lips. Steam-distilled lemon, lime and bergamot oils can be used. They aren’t phototoxic.’
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To read more about crambe seed oil, see here

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Orange Tang & Lime Bite, Orange Tang & Lemon Zest, Orange Tang & Original, Lemon Zest & Lime Bite, Lemon Zest & Original, Lime Bite and Original


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