Dish Splash Washing Up Soap


An eco friendly way to wash ya dishes ya’ll. We’ve taken things back in time again to when everyday essentials didn’t guff up the planet init… Nan used use something like this to wash up her pots and pans, that’s where we got the idea from….Cheers Joyce.



Palm oil free, Vegan, Environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain any of these “Naturally Derived” eco swerves. It’s got FOUR ingredients…simples.

Obviously with all eco products it ain’t gonna be as easy as a squirt, a bubble up and it’s done…you will need to put a bit of work in washing ya dirty ole dishes mate.


•Fill up sink with hot water.

•Get your bar of DISH SPLASH wet.

•Rub a brush, cloth or whatever on the soap.

•Get dirty items wet.



•Dry dishes

•Keep DISH SPLASH dry between dishes, we recommend a mini soap ladder for this

Due to the handmade nature of all our bars, weights, size & colour may vary slightly between batches.

Minimum weight 125gms



•Do not eat.

•Supervise when using with children.

•Be careful when using hot water.

Disclaimer: As with all soap products, hard water areas may struggle to get a bubble, but bubbles don’t clean anyway……Whoever said bubbles do the cleaning anyway…bubbles are just bubbles….google “Do bubbles clean” and you’ll see ya’ll. In fact bubbles just get in the way of dish washing because they are a ball ache to rinse off init.


  **Naturally occurring in essential oils