Deep Roast Perfect Crunch Peanut Butter


100% Peanut butter with no additives. No Palm oil. No Sugar. The best peanut butter has a single ingredient which is high quality peanuts!

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Nut and Beyond truly started back in 2016 when a passionate young man started creating Peanut Butter in his kitchen, to be enjoyed by himself, his friends and family. After 4 years of constant praise and encouragement from friends and family he finally decided to start a peanut butter business this year.

At Nut&Beyond all peanut butters are made here in Southampton, using carefully selected Argentinian HI-OLIEC peanuts, which are freshly roasted in small batches with no sugar or salt, no palm oil or emulsifiers or any preservatives – ONLY 100% peanut.


100% Argentinian HI-OLIEC Peanuts