Country Range Tagliatelle Verdi 500g

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Country Range Tagliatelle Verdi 500g

Create great tasting traditional Italian dishes with these authentic Italian tagliatelle verdi catering pasta pieces. Tagliatelle has a soft and thick texture to it and is a favourite in Northern Italy. It is often served with cheesy, buttery sauces like green basil pesto.


Durum WHEAT Semolina, Spinach Powder, Water

Nutrition Information

Nutritional Facts, Amount Per 100g Serving Energy                                1501 Kj / 354 kCal Fat (of which)                    1.3g saturates                            0.3g mono-unsaturates            0g polyunsaturates                0g transfats                             0g Carbohydrate (of which) 73.2g sugars                                3.2g polyols                               0g starch                                70g non milk                             0g Cholesterol                        0g fibre                                    2.7g protein                               11g salt                                     0.01g