DolceVita Orange 100% Fruit Spread


This fruit spread is simply premium grade, organic fruit packed into a jar. Unsurprisingly, it tastes purely of sun-ripened fruit. Of artisan quality, it is cooked gently at low temperatures, in small batches, using handpicked, fully ripe, organic fruit from the orchard. It has a very high fruit content. More than 100g of organic fruit is used to make 100g of this fruit spread. For more information, please visit

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DolceVita Orange is a sensual pleasure to enjoy! It is made with sun-kissed, luxuriously juicy, newly-harvested, Italian oranges. Unusually, they are cooked whole to give a brightly-coloured thick texture and zesty taste of a Mediterranean summer. Quite unlike classic marmalade!

This nutritious range from Fruit Tree is simply crushed fruit in a jar. It has been created to replace traditional jam.

Made from organic fruit only, without pectin, preservatives or refined sugar. We cook it gently in small batches using hand picked, fully ripe fruit from the orchard.


Fruit* (oranges*, apple*), apple juice concentrate*. *Organic Made with 100g of fruit, of which 75g of oranges, per 100g of fruit spread

Nutrition Information