Amber Sugar Crystals 500g

£2.85 available on subscription

For something a little deliciously different in your cup,
Tate & Lyle Amber Sugar Crystals are specially grown to dissolve slowly in your coffee. Sip after sip, transform your special moments with a sweeter and more flavoursome experience.

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Beet Sugar

Nutrition Information

Energy 1700.00 kJ per 100g Fat 0.00 g per 100g
Energy 406.31 kcal per 100g ... of which saturates 0.00 g per 100g
Protein 0.00 g per 100g ...... monounsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
Carbohydrates 100.00 g per 100g ...... polyunsaturates 0.00 g per 100g
... of which sugars 100.00 g per 100g Fibre 0.00 g per 100g
Salt 0.00 g per 100g