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    Barbers West Country Mature Cheddar 320g

    Versatile and tasty as its name suggests, this is a wonderful farmhouse Cheddar from Barbers. This great all rounder should be a staple ingredient in everyone’s fridge.

  • Cheddars

    1833 Vintage Cheddar 1.15kg

    Barber’s 1833 is made using traditional starter cultures and the finest West Country milk. Aged for at least 24 months, only when one of the Barber family judges it to be outstanding does it leave the farm as 1833. A …

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  • Cheddars

    Coastal Cheddar 1kg

    Coastal is a unique tasting cheddar from Ford Farm. It has been aged for up to 15 months to give it a deliciously sweet, distinctive flavour. The naturally formed calcium crystals sometimes found in the cheese are a sign of age and show that it …