Lucky you! Gift cards can be used to buy anything on our website (except more gift cards…). There are two different ways to use them. Method 1 is ideal if you want to use the whole Gift Card amount yourself, but might not want to use it all on one order. Method 2 might be easier if you’re spending it all in one go, while for larger amounts, it enables you to share it with other people by telling them the code.

Method 1: Convert to a credit on your account. If you click the link in the Gift Card email, or enter the code in My Account > Gift Cards, then the value will be assigned to a credit on your account. You can then choose to use your balance to pay for an order by ticking the box at checkout that says “Use £… from your Gift Card balance.”
If the order total is less than your current Gift Card balance, the difference will remain in your account for next time. You can always see your current balance in My Account > Gift Cards.

Method 2: Use the code at checkout. If you enter the code in the “Have a Gift Card?” box on the basket or checkout page, it will be applied immediately to your order. Any remaining balance will not be tied to your account, but remains with the code. You can share the code with friends and family, as long as everyone only enters it at checkout, not in My Account. Anyone who has the code can use the remaining balance.

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