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  • Olives and Antipasti

    Organic Kalamata Olives 210g

    On the ancient coast of southern Greece lies Kalamata, a city surrounded by olive groves since Classical times. The olives grown there are unique, aubergine coloured, almond shaped and succulent.

  • Olives and Antipasti

    Siciliana Olives 185g

    A gorgeous blend of glossy purple Kalamata and fresh green olives, pitted and marinated with red and green peppers.

  • Olives and Antipasti

    Sun Dried Tomatoes 170g

    There’s nothing quite like a real tomato, grown naturally in the hot sunshine of southern Europe. Except perhaps that same tomato, harvested at perfect ripeness then dried in the sun and preserved in oil with garlic and basil.

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  • Olives and Antipasti

    Tricolore Olives 185g

    With a name that suggests the tricolour flag of Italy, this blend of pitted green and Kalamata olives brings together chilli, garlic and sweet, aromatic basil to create an irresistibly spicy flavour.