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    Brown Trout Medium Dry Sparkling Cider

    Amber sparkling cider lightly oaked with vanilla, kiwi fruit and caramel notes. The Jonagold and Bramley cider provide the fruity and acidic balance and the Dabinett and Yarlington Mill cider the tannic length. The cider is lightly oaked …

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    Chalk Stream Medium Sparkling Cider

    A golden colour refreshing sparkling cider eminently quaffable with an apply node and a long dry finish. This well balanced cider uses dessert and culinary apples form Hampshire and Sussex together with bittersweet apples form the West Country. The Egremont …

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    Dragonfly Dry Sparkling Cider

    A golden coloured sparkling cider with wildflower nose and almond notes together and a long dry finish. A modern style with freshness, acidity and aromatic notes from Egremont Russet and Cox cider combined with cabinet and Yarlington Mill to give …